U.S. report: Olivia Newton John ‘making the most of her final days’

Devastating news.

A U.S. publication claims Olivia Newton John is ‘making the most of her final days’ as she battles stage four cancer.  

The Grease star was diagnosed with breast cancer 27 years ago and managed to overcome the disease. It returned again in 2013 and 2017, with doctors revealing she also has a tumour in the base of her spine.

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Now RadarOnline says that the 70-year-old has become ‘inseparable’ from only child Chloe Lattanzi as she enjoys her final days battling the disease. 

The article quotes the entertainers recent sit-down interview with 60 Minutes.

“If you believe the statistics, you’re going to make them happen,” said Olivia. “If somebody tells you, ‘You have six months to live,’ [it’s] very possibly you will because you believe that.”

New U.S. report claims Olivia Newton John is enjoying her final days.
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“So for me, psychologically, it’s better not to have any ideas of what to expect.”

The article then goes on to quote Dr. Jonathan Cebon from of Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, as saying: “Stage 4 breast cancer’s not something we see as a curable disease.”

A source claims that the entertainer – who lives in the U.S. with husband John Easterling – is focusing on spending time with her daughter. 


“They talk every day and are now more like sisters!” the source revealed.

“Olivia knows she’s incurable – but she’s 
doing everything she can 
to make the best of the 
time she has left.”

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