Underwear-clad Miley Cyrus gyrates with Cody Simpson

Still trying to make Liam Hemsworth jealous?
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How do you get the attention of your ex-husband? Gyrating in your underwear with your new boyfriend for millions of followers is probably a good start.

Miley Cyrus, 26, and Cody Simpson, 22, put on a rather eye-catching show as they put rumours of a feud over her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth to bed.

WATCH: Miley Cyrus dances in her underwear with boyfriend Cody Simpson 

In footage posted to Tik Tok, Miley and Cody lip-synced to Supidfeat. Yung Baby Tate by Ashnikko.

Underwear-clad Miley Cyrus gyrates with Cody Simpson
Underwear-clad Miley Cyrus gyrates with Cody Simpson (Credit: Tik Tok)

The aesthetically-pleasing pair waved their hands in the air while gyrating their hips from side-to-side, but all eyes were on Miley in her lacey black bra and short-shorts. 

The pair have been together for a month, and started dating less than three months after Miley announced her separation from The Hunger Games actor, whom she married in a private ceremony on December 23, 2018. Liam and Miley have been on and off for a decade.

Meanwhile, Liam is focused on himself and his budding romance with Australian actress, Maddison Brown. According to a few well-placed insiders, the 29-year-old is “head over heels” for the Dynasty star and is already thinking about taking the next step in their relationship.

Yep, we mean a proposal!

Miley and Liam in happier times
Miley and Liam in happier times (Credit: Getty)

“It’s still early days but Liam is head over heels for Maddison. This has all the makings of a serious relationship,” the sources told New Idea. “He and Maddison have so much in common, they’re having a great time.” 

While the couple has only been spotted in public on a few occasions, the insider said she’s already met Liam’s family and is planning to fly back to Australia for the holidays where the love birds will stay in his brother Chris’s and wife Elsa Pataky’s Byron Bay home.

“Chris has already give Maddison the thumbs up! To say they like each other is an understatement!” 

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