Turia Pitt’s big news: ‘Life with two kids will be crazy!’

The inspiring burns survivor has a lot to be excited about!
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Expectant mother, ironwoman and inspiring burns survivor Turia Pitt has never been happier.

The doting mum has another baby on the way, is publishing a new book and absolutely loves life with her fiancé Michael Hoskin and gorgeous 1-year-old son Hakavai.

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It’s a world away from 2011, when Turia was battling to stay alive after suffering burns to 65 per cent of her body from being trapped in a grass fire during an ultramarathon.

Speaking with New Idea, the 32-year-old admits motherhood has changed absolutely everything for her.

“Motherhood has completely and irrevocably changed my life,” Turia confesses. “And that’s OK. I always thought that after Hakavai I’d go and do something crazy like Ultraman (three ironman races back-to-back), but now I’ve had him, my priorities have shifted.”

In August, Turia and Michael announced they were expecting their second bub, a welcome addition to their beautiful family of three.

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While she’s positively glowing with excitement, Turia knows two children can also mean twice the work!

“Life’s obviously going to be pretty hectic at home. As parents we all struggle from time to time but there’s such positives too. When it all feels too overwhelming, or when life with kids gets a bit stressy, I try to remember to take a deep breath,” she says.

“I also use lots of awesome mindset hacks too. [For example] swap ‘I have to’ with ‘I get to’… so when I get woken up at 3am instead of thinking ‘I have to go and check on Hakavai’, I think ‘I get to go and check on Hakavai’! It’s those simple mindset shifts that remind me how lucky I am to have a healthy little boy.”

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After the fire, Turia was constantly told how fortunate she was to have someone like Michael in her life.

But as she says in her book Unmasked, it isn’t just about ‘luck’.

“People tell me I’m so lucky to have Michael – but I’m pretty awesome,” Turia writes. “I didn’t attract him because I was lucky, but because I’ve got a lot of qualities he likes and respects and is attracted to.”

Michael and Turia have been together since high school and his devotion never wavered during her long and gruelling recovery. And, as she says, adding little Hakavai to the mix has been a dream.

“Michael and I are a great team and Hakavai fits right on in,” Turia says happily. “Every morning I think of three things that I’m truly grateful for ‒ this morning it was for the smile my son gave me, watching the sunrise, and my coffee. I bang on about gratitude because it just has the most profound effect on everyone who tries it.”

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On top of her exciting pregnancy news, Turia has also partnered with skincare brand Avène as an ambassador and ‘cover girl’.

She says their products have worked wonders for her sensitive skin, which has been through a lot.

“Burnt skin ‒ and anyone who has sensitive skin – it can be really dry and itchy. I found it was like … I don’t want to say magic, but I’d never found a moisturiser that was like that for my skin,” Turia gushes.

“It’s so humbling that I can be in a position to help inspire people to take positive action in their lives and help them understand that you can be and do anything you want.”

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It’s been eight years since the fire that very nearly took her life.

The former model and mine worker had to learn to walk again and endured countless reconstruction surgeries – but Turia is ever the optimist.

Being told she’d never walk, run or be independent again was motivation enough for the fitness buff to prove everyone wrong.

“My life in general is cherished and I work hard at making every day really matter,” Turia says.

“Being a mum is the cherry on top and I’m grateful for Hakavai every day.”

For more, see this week’s New Idea – out now! 

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