Tracy Spicer calls for McGuire to be taken off air

'Australia, we are better than this.'

Journalist Tracy Spicer has responded to Eddie McGuire’s ‘joke’ about drowning journalist Caroline Wilson.

Spicer wrote in a post on Facebook that McGuire was ‘notorious for a series of sexist, racist and homophobic slurs during his career’.

‘Keeping people like McGuire on air reflects appallingly on Channel 9 and Triple M. The media is indeed a mirror of society, but it can be a powerful instrument of change.

‘By rewarding misogyny, they appeal to our lesser selves. Australia, we are better than this.’

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During ‘the Big Freeze at the G’, where celebrities slide into ice water to raise cash for Motor Neurone Disease, McGuire said he would pay $50,000 to see Wilson stay under the water, adding, ‘I reckon we could charge $10,000 for everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her.’

Wilson is The Age‘s chief football writer and a Walkley award winner.

Following backlash, McGuire said, ‘It was all done in the spirit of the fun.’

Comedian Meshel Laurie also came to Wilson’s defense, labeling McGuire a ‘pig’.

Laurie, who hosts the breakfast show on Melbourne’s KIIS 101.1, said McGuire should not be allowed on air.

‘I am saying absolutely fundamentally that he should not be allowed to broadcast,’ Laurie said.

‘This is a man who cannot speak without spreading hate and now encouraging violence against women. He should not be allowed to broadcast, it’s that simple.

‘These people should not be allowed to speak in public because they don’t have the wherewithal or the brains to speak positively without spreading hatred.’ 

McGuire has since issued an apology. Speaking to 3AW radio, he said, ‘I say from the bottom of my heart that I am so sorry that those comments have resonated that way, I am so sorry that anyone could even think that’s what anyone was thinking.’

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