The 9 Hottest AFL Players, And 3 Gorgeous Women Of The AFLW

The 9 hottest AFL players and 3 of of the sexiest players in the AFLW.
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With their chiselled bodies and obvious athleticism, there’s no denying the hotness of some of the men of the AFL. Something about all that running and jumping just tones the heck out of their legs! Read on to find out who we consider the top 9 hottest male AFL players in the league and 3 of the hottest gals in the AFLW.

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What’s Up With The AFL?

Association football is played all over the world, and nearly every country has a football league of their own that governs the rules of the sport and manages the top professional teams. In Australia, we play a variant of football known as Australian rules football, which differs from standard football in a number of critical ways, such as the lack of a goalkeeper, a larger score per goal, and unlimited height for each of the goals.

The governing body of Australian rules football is the Australian Football League (AFL). The AFL started as the Victorian Football Association (VFA) in 1877, intended to be the administrative body for the then-budding sport of Australian footy in Victoria. The VFA later evolved into the Victorian Football League (VFL), and in the 1980s, its team membership expanded beyond the borders of the state, becoming a truly national league. The VFL officially became the AFL in 1990 as its cross-country membership came into focus. 

Today, the AFL is a huge, fully national league with a bigger turnover and larger geographical reach than the National Rugby League (NRL).

In 2017, the AFL Women’s League was launched to accommodate the growing pool of women’s players and professional teams.

The Hottest AFL Players

9. Daniel Giansiracusa

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 80kg

Relationship status: Married 

This former Western Bulldogs player shows that you don’t need to be one of those young, chiselled, shirtless AFL players to be sexy. At 37 years of age, Daniel Giansiracusa, now a coach for his former team, has that hyper attractive salt-and-pepper look which only seems to get hotter with age.

Acting Senior Coach of the Bulldogs, Daniel Giansiracusa
(Credit: Getty)

8. Josh Gibson

Height: 189cm

Weight: 93kg

Relationship status: Possibly single

Josh Gibson is the embodiment of ‘tall, dark, and handsome’. A former Roos and Hawks player, he won two Peter Crimmins Medals during his time playing for Hawthorn. We’re still not quite sure whether we prefer his current look or the afro that he was famous for in the 2000s.

Josh Gibson, wearing a blue shirt and hat, patting a horse in a stable
(Credit: Getty)

7. Simon Black

Height: 185cm

Weight: 81kg

Relationship status: Married

From award-winning Lions player to Lions coach, baby-faced Simon Black had a charmed 15-year career with the Brisbane team. Today, he runs the Simon Black Australian Rules Academy, where he helps students finish their university programs while working on a professional football career.

AFL player Simon Black, handballing a football
(Credit: Getty)

6. Alan Didak

Height: 184cm

Weight: 85kg

Relationship status: Married

Former Magpies player Alan Didak had a wonderful career from 2001-2013, and even won Collingwood’s Copeland trophy. Couple that with his stunning looks – a product of his Croatian heritage – and you have a recipe for one heck of a dreamboat.

Collingwood Magpies player, Alan Didak, smiling in the club guernsey
(Credit: Getty)

5. Jamie Elliott

Height: 178cm

Weight: 81 kg

Relationship status: Possibly single

The youngest player on our list, Magpies player Jamie Elliott is a rising star in the team, held back by a couple of injuries in 2018 and 2019. He’s got a sort of boyish, charming, Chris Pine look to him – but does that mean he’s got a future as captain?

Footballer Jamie Elliott in the ocean
(Credit: Getty)

4. Luke Hodge

Height: 186cm

Weight: 92kg

Relationship status: Married

Luke Hodge started his career with the Hawks, winning the club’s Peter Crimmins Medal and even spending five years as captain. In 2017, he traded to the Lions and has since received praise for his glowing performance in the new team.

Former Hawthorn Hawks coach, Luke Hodge
(Credit: Getty)

3. Kurt Tippett

Height: 202cm

Weight: 105kg

Relationship status: Possibly single

From under-18 basketball to professional football; from the Crows to the Swans, Kurt Tippett has had a pretty dynamic athletics record. Sadly, multiple injuries have hampered his career and his future is uncertain following a retirement announcement and then a Swans draft in 2018.

Sydney Swans player Kurt Tippett holding a football
(Credit: Getty)

2. Marc Murphy

Height: 180cm

Weight: 80kg

Blues player Marc Murphy is the son of Hall-of-Famer John Murphy, whose career highlights included captainship of Fitzroy, and winning the Wander Medal during his time with the Robins. Marc’s own career is no less impressive than his father’s, with captainship of the Blues and two John Nicholls Medals.

Portrait of Marc Murphy, captain of the Blues
(Credit: Getty)

1. Buddy Franklin

Height: 199cm

Weight: 107kg

Relationship status: Married

Standing a magnificent two meters tall, Lance “Buddy” Franklin doesn’t just seem like a good looking, giant brick of a man – he’s got the stats to back it up as well, and is sometimes considered to be the greatest forward player of the current generation. With 940 goals across his entire career, he’s ranked seventh in the list of goalkickers in the history of the AFL. 

Buddy Franklin with Lance Franklin at the Tiffy & Co Tiffany Fragrance Launch
(Credit: Getty)

Honourable Mentions: The Women Of The AFLW

We’ve just gone through a list of some hot AFL players, but it’s kind of a sausage fest in here. Let’s give some love to the hot footy players over at the AFLW.

3. Nicola Stevens

Height: 174cm

Weight: 68kg

In her first and only year playing for the brand-new Magpies women’s team, Nicola Stevens won their best and fairest award. She then moved to the Carlton team, where she also played for the VFL Women’s team. She’s also a part of the AFL Women’s All-Australian team.


2. Ebony Marinoff

Height: 169cm

Relationship status: Possibly single

Ebony Marinoff has been playing football since she was five. Since then, she’s played for Adelaide, nabbed the AFL Women’s Rising Star award, and even played in the All-Australian team. 

Crows football player Ebony Marinoff
(Credit: Getty)

1. Erin Phillips

Height: 173cm

Weight: 77kg

Relationship status: Married

Erin Phillips has played basketball professionally in the WNBA and WNBL, and even played in the FIBA and the Olympics for the Australian team. Then, when she switched to football and played for the Adelaide Crows in the AFLW, she landed the AFLW Players’ MVP twice. All the while being one of the best looking players in the League. She’s definitely a keeper for fellow Adelaide Lightning teammate Tracy Gahan.

AFLW Crows Player, Erin Phillips
(Credit: Getty)

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