Top Gun star Tom is cruising towards a new romance

But will he end up in her X-files?
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Tom Cruise has a new mission on his hands that he hopes isn’t impossible – wooing Gillian Anderson!

It comes after the pair were spotted watching Coldplay perform at the 2024 Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

New Idea is told Tom, 61, “only had eyes” for the The X Files actress as they danced together during Coldplay’s epic set. The action star is said to be “very taken” with Gillian, 55, and reportedly made sure they’d swapped numbers by the end of the night.

tom cruise gillian anderson
Tom is said to be searching for wife number four. (Credit: Getty)

Even though Tom asked for Gillian’s contact details to talk about potentially working together on a future project, our source believes he’s eager to see if there’s anything more there.

Tom is newly single after ending his brief romance with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova. Meanwhile, Gillian was last linked to Peter Morgan. He created The Crown, in which Gillian portrayed UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

After dating for four years, at some stage in 2020, they went their separate ways. Reports emerged last year that Gillian and Peter might have reunited after they jointly attended a wrap party for The Crown’s final season.

However, there have been no more sightings of them since – which is likely music to Tom’s ears.

“Once Tom sets his charm-packed sights on someone, it’s hard for anyone to resist,” the insider confirms.

“Tom plans to woo Gillian with a few lunches and dinners in London. He is completely smitten.”

gillian anderson tom cruise
Tom was in paradise with Gillian during Coldplay’s set! (Credit: Getty)

Tom is said to be blown away by how “witty, funny, and clever” Gillian is. He also appreciates they share a mutual understanding of having “lived through a very successful career”.

While Gillian would like to work with Tom, our insider says she’s cautious about pursuing a romantic relationship with him.

“Her friends are urging her to be careful with Tom. It’s not just his strict devotion to Scientology that concerns them, but also his level of fame,” the source adds.

“Everyone’s hoping Gillian has no problem resisting all the tricks and charms Tom tries on her. And he’s going to. He thinks she’s amazing.”

tom cruise renee zellweger
Jerry Maguire helped launch Renée’s career. (Credit: Getty)

While he might be interested in Gillian, Tom is also pursuing Renée Zellweger, in the hopes of making a Jerry Maguire sequel!

Sources tell New Idea that Tom has got his team looking into a possible follow-up to the 1996 sports comedy, which saw him starring opposite Renée.

“That film is the closest Tom ever came to winning an Oscar, and it put Renée on the map. Their chemistry was so authentic. He thinks it could be a winning ticket for both of them,” says our source.

However, we’re told Renée, 55, might not be as enthusiastic.

Our insider adds, “She adores Tom, and as much as she thinks rebooting Jerry Maguire is a great idea, it’s unlikely she will get on board.”

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