All you need to know about Tim Dormer and his past relationships

He's recently revealed he's dating someone new...
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Australians fell in love with Tim Dormer when he shot to fame on Big Brother back in 2013.

Tim has since celebrated 10 years since winning Big Brother and we wonder what he is up to now?

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After over a decade since winning Big Brother’s tenth season, the Big Brother star has certainly been busy but the biggest question still remains… is Tim seeing anyone?

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We’ve broken down Tim’s previous relationships, whether he is currently seeing anyone, and where he stands on his sexuality.

Tim shot to fame on Big Brother back in 2013. (Credit: Nine)

What is Tim Dormer’s sexuality?

Tim has always been open about his sexuality.

Tim, who enjoyed a brief flirtation with housemate Heidi Anderson during his stint on Big Brother, touched on his sexuality during and after the show.

Back in 2016 in an interview with our sister publication WHO, Tim said, “I have always been fluid in my sexuality.”

“Even on Big Brother, I talked about my bisexuality and that I’ve always been about people, not the sexuality or gender.

“I’ve dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys.”

“I’ve dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys.” (Credit: Instagram)

Who has Tim previously dated?

Tim met bar manager Ash Toweel at a party in 2014 and they hit it off on a spontaneous break in Byron Bay in late 2014.

The two dated but kept their relationship mostly out of the public eye.

In fact, it wasn’t until 2016, after two years of dating that Tim eventually announced his relationship in an exclusive interview with WHO.

Tim popped the question to Ash while on holidays in the United States. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim and Ash were together for six years and were open about having a non-monogamous relationship. 

The lovebirds got engaged in June 2017 when Tim popped the question to Ash while holidaying in America.

However, Tim’s romance with Ash went their separate ways in November 2020.

“I want to share my broken heart, a vulnerable change in my private life,” Tim told fans on Instagram.

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Tim’s love life stayed private until April 2021 when he debuted his relationship with Adam Freeth.

The pair often took to social media to give us a glimpse into their relationship.

On Adam’s birthday in July 2021, Tim shared a heartfelt message on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday Adam. You’re kind, smart, sexy, strong, and secure to challenge & bring out the best in me…everything I’ve been looking for!” Tim captioned the post. 

Sadly however, Tim confirmed exclusively to New Idea that he and Adam had separated in March 2023.

Tim and Adam. (Credit: Instagram)

Is Tim Dormer in a relationship?

Yes, the Big Brother star debuted his new romance on his Instagram in late February 2024, with some sweet snaps shared of him and his beau enjoying a romantic picnic overlooking a scenic view.

We are so happy that Tim has found love once more. (Credit: Instagram)

The caption simply read, “Ok meet Shane. 🥰 ‘Where did you come from, angel?’✨

Several Big Brother castmates commented their congratulations including Reggie Bird who penned “So happy for you buddy 🥰❤️.”

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