This revolting MAFS moment has Australia in uproar

Boys just being boys?

There’s been debauchery, drama and downright delusion on the current season of Married At First Sight but Tuesday’s “boy’s night” has been deemed the most “disgusting” episode yet by Australian viewers.

In the latest installment of Channel 9’s hit social experiment, the grooms enjoyed a boozy night out without their brides and Dino was quizzed by his co-stars about why he and Melissa hadn’t slept together so far.

Melissa, who candidly revealed she had abstained for sex for over nine years due to past relationship trauma, has gradually opened up over the course of the series and eventually admitted to her new husband sex is “obviously something I have been looking forward to”.

And in conversation with Dino the 38-year-old talent manager even joked that she “really needs to get slammed…get slammed a lot!”

The subject of Dino and Mel’s sex life was a hot topic of conversation for the MAFS boys with 44-year-old electrician Mike declaring that Dino needed to “strike while the iron is hot” and “make it happen now”.

“Be a man about it – take it,” the Queenslander added aggressively.

Fellow contestants Sam, 26, and Nic, 30, also urged the spiritual healer to assert his dominance and instructed him to “just slam it”.

But while Dino stood his ground and said he preferred to take “baby steps” with his new wife, ex-army man Mark Scrivens chimed in chanting: “Slam her! Slam her!”

The quality of the discussion continued to deteriorate as talk turned to Sam’s ill-fated match with store manager Elizabeth Sobinoff.

The tatted up part-time model likened Elizabeth’s romantic advances as “piranhas attacking my face” before bluntly declaring:”I’m not into it.”

Former stripper Bronson Norrish was the only groom who stayed silent during the chat and later told producers he felt there are “some things [men] don’t have to mention”.

MAFS enthusiasts were quick to slam the boys’ conduct with many taking to social media to label the banter “disgusting” and “disrespectful” to women.


“All the men at that boys’ night table, with the exception of Bronson, need to go in the bin. Sam first,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Boys night is a strong no from me. Bye,” another commented.

One person noted “the one guy who hates the boys’ night talk is the one who gets completely screwed over”.

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