There is a HUGE rumour swirling around about the MAFS finale


Rumours are swirling about the Married at First Sight finale.

Ahead of tomorrow’s highly anticipated episode, a teaser clip has been released which points to Cam proposing to Jules.

WATCH the moment where Cam proposes to Jules! 

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“Oh my god!” Jules exclaims, as Cam appears to get down on bended knee.

On MAFS this week, Cam revealed that he knows Jules wants another wedding.

“I know she wants another wedding, yes, I certainly do,” said the cricketer.


Jules echoed Cam’s sentiments in a separate chat, saying she wants to be pregnant within 12 months.

“You know, I’m 37 very soon and having a child has become very important to me,” she said.

“This time next year I would like to be pregnant. I just can’t wait to live my life with him, properly as husband and wife.

“I am so in love with him in this very moment right now.”

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