The Voice’s Sam hits back at Boy George for calling him a DJ

'I didn’t like being called a DJ. I get that a lot. A DJ is someone that uses samples of someone else’s music. I create mine all live on the spot with a microphone. I am not a DJ.'

Kelly Rowland and Boy George came to verbal blows on tonight’s episode of The Voice, thanks to George’s controversial comments about Sam Perry. After Sam’s performance in the showdown against Madi and Emily, George wasn’t shy in picking Sam to leave. “This is a really controversial knock-out because, you know, I’m gonna go straight for Sam,” George said. “You’re a bit of a red sock in a white wash because this is called The Voice and you’re not really a singer. I do think you’re going to divide the nation because you know there are a lot of big singers getting sent home and what you’re doing is kind of another area.”


Despite taking the comments on the chin, Sam admits to WHO that he was upset about it. “He turned around and said I wasn’t a singer, I was a DJ,” Sam says. “It hurt me a bit because it’s very different and I didn’t mention it at the time, I accepted it and smiled it off and said fair enough but I actually lost my voice entirely two days before that. So when I dropped into this big dub step remix, I screamed my notes instead of singing them, and that’s because I couldn’t sing the notes. I was happy I could even scream them, or growl in key.”

Sam reveals that he couldn’t call in sick and tried to do his best given the circumstances. “I have a minute, to do my own version of ‘Survivor’,” he says. “And remix it vocally into a dub step version that no one’s ever done before and they want to hear a chorus and a verse all in one minute and I have to be the base, the drums, the harmonies – it’s impossible. I don’t have enough time. I bring in harmonies behind me, it’s still all my voice, the only difference is the band isn’t joining me, I’m just joining myself.”

the voice

But, despite his disappointment over George’s reaction, Sam is all the more ready to show the judges just what he has to offer. “Now going through to lives, I’ve got more time, everything’s going to be live, and we’re only scratching the surface of what I can do.”

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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