The Voice exclusive! Teen with Tourette Syndrome is in love!

Meet the lucky lady who has stolen the heart of Adam Ladell

The hearts of teenage girls around the nation will break at the news that singing sensation Adam Ladell – who lives with Tourette syndrome – is officially taken.

The lucky lady is Jade McCallum, who he met at the cinema where she works.

She’s one of a kind she’s all I’ve ever wanted,’ Adam wrote on Instagram, with a shot of the pair.

The couple have reportedly been dating for about a month, and Jade already has some serious competition!

Adam wowed the nation with his incredible story, revealing that the only time he finds reprieve from Tourette’s is while singing.

With almost 30,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has a growing fan base of teenage girls – but that doesn’t bother Jade.

‘He’s super sweet and he makes me really happy,’ she wrote on social media site Qooh.me.

‘He’s a lot of fun too, totally passionate about everything he does. It’s wonderful.’ 

(Credit: Instagram)

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