Veronicas shock: Why I’ve fallen out with my sister

After Ruby Rose called out Lisa Origliasso on Twitter.

Jessica Origliasso has released a statement about the pain she has endured from someone close to her, after girlfriend Ruby Rose called out her twin sister Lisa. 

Rose, 31, has tweeted to claim Lisa, 32, had commented that the pair should ‘feel lucky they don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries’ before deleting the social media post.

Now Jess has released her own emotional statement.

‘With the current conversation that was happening in the lead up and outcome of the marriage equality results this week, I feel it is necessary to share some feelings.

‘I may not have struggled with an inner turmoil, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled with people close to me, degrading my sexuality because of their own personal judgments or ignorance,’ the singer wrote.

‘People can publicly support the LGBT community, but behind closed doors inflict deep pain because of their own inability to accept or understand you as a part of that community.

That can be a particularly difficult and heartbreaking experience. But one that has been a private and real struggle in my life,’ she continues.

‘For anyone struggling in silence, please know that you are not alone. And no matter what, you are free to be whoever you choose to be without question, or have your sexual preference reduced to fit anyone else’s expectations, or their ‘reality’ of you.

‘We all do our best, and we all learn to open our minds and hearts. To do better and be better. I wish that for everyone. I would never wish to hurt anyone who has needed education and self reflection in this area, but I also cannot defend the behaviour, or minimise the pain I have felt over 12 years

“Wishing only love to be our path to understanding moving forward.’

Earlier this week Jess and Lisa revealed that the release of their fourth album has been delayed due to personal reasons.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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