Fans think The Veronicas split is super suspect

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Pop duo and identical twins Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, also known as The Veronicas, have announced they’re no longer making music together.

The ARIA award winners and creators of Australia’s unofficial national anthem (Untouched) took to their Instagram pages to tell fans they’re both pursuing solo careers.

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Tone Deaf reports that early yesterday the pair wiped their official Instagram account leaving behind a cryptic message in their bio.

“Love knows not its own depth, until the hour of separation,” it said.

Fans momentarily lost their minds until the twins put them at ease by announcing they’re both pursuing solo careers.

The Veronicas
The Veronicas started performing together in 2004 (Credit: Getty)

Lisa posted a teaser to her new song ‘Crusin’ on my Own’ with the caption, “I’m going solo.” She said the full song is dropping September 7, 2022.

Not to be outdone, Jess posted a short clip from her new project ‘Seeing Stars’ with the caption “ARE YOU ON MY TEAM.” And guess when the release date is?  September 7, 2022.


The fans seem to agree, with many feeling that their ‘solo careers’ are just a temporary thing.

“I’m pretty sure The Veronicas are not splitting up, but if they want to give a go at solo I’m up for it,” one fan wrote, “Although I feel like there’s more to it, it might sound completely different but I’m sure it’s a song or two.”

The Veronicas
The duo both announced solo songs (Credit: Getty)

Others are certain it’s just a PR move.

“Confused as hell about The Veronicas going solo but the fact they are both releasing their singles on Wednesday at the same time has me thinking it’s some sort of PR stunt? At least they are still commenting on each other’s posts so they aren’t feuding like when demon Rose was around,” wrote another fan referring to Jess’ ex Ruby Rose.

Some fans just hope the split is temporary because what happened to 4eva guys?!

“I refuse to believe The Veronicas have broken up. Seriously hoping the solos are just a temporary thing because if they actually break up I will LOSE MY MIND,” Tweeted a fan.

If their solo careers are in fact here to stay at least we can remember the good times we all had together, and all the lyrics to Untouched because they’re embedded into our brains.

(Credit: Twitter)

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