The Veronicas hit back at body shamers

The twins take their health seriously

When Australian music duo The Veronicas shared a promo shot for their new single, In Our Blood, last month, they were accused of promoting a negative body image to their fans. 

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso responded with a shopping list of everything they eat, after a fan offered to buy them some food.

In conversation with Kate Waterhouse for The Sun-Herald, the twins said the comments hurt.

‘We’ve had it our whole careers … It never really upset us that much because we don’t consider it real,’ says Lisa.

Jess added: ‘The way that it gets to me is when they try to frame it as though we’re contributing or we’re the result of young women becoming anorexic …That hurts me because we take health so seriously…

‘We eat a lot of whole foods, we don’t buy into take-away any more … Health for us is something we’ve had to discover ourselves over the last six years and educate ourselves about … So don’t try to treat me like I’m the problem. I know that I’m not. I know that she is not. We’re very confident in ourselves and self education.’


When the identical twins first started out, they were living pretty unhealthy lives.

‘It changed our lives as soon as we did start to research ourselves. We were actually pretty unhealthy. [When] we first started, we were on a crazy schedule. We were under a lot of stress,’ said Jess.

‘We were eating like a dozen Krispy Kremes a day, Taco Bell … Eventually I moved to a plant-based diet – it made me feel better.’

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