MAFS: The truth about THAT awkward interview between Dan & Jess

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The real reason behind Jessika Power and Dan Webb’s explosive fight has been revealed.

Talking Married co-host Ben Fordham said it was a silly joke about their Married At First Sight co-star, Nic Jovanovic that set things off.

Watch Jessika and Dan’s AWKWARD interview here!

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‘What the joke was… they were a little bit sick. Jess cracked a joke saying she got her sniffle from Mick, and then Dan said, “Are you sure it wasn’t Nic?”‘ Ben revealed.

‘She just turned around and gave him daggers and said, “I don’t appreciate that. Why did you say that?”

‘Then she started throwing F-bombs at him and he started throwing them back and it went for about 30 seconds and we were a minute away from going live.’

Jessika and Dan

Ben also went on to reveal that Jessika came close to walking off the set and threatened to cancel the interview altogether.

He also said that they decided against airing the pre-interview because it would have taken too long to edit due to the couple’s vulgar language.

But the controversial duo managed to keep it together, and gave a very awkward interview.

During their live chat, Ben asked Dan whether he ‘wants out’ of his relationship with Jessika.
‘I definitely wouldn’t say I “want out”, but in saying that… there’s a lot of trust issues for me,’ he replied.

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