Bonnie Sveen: My baby news

The bubbly actress opens up about her plans to start a family!

It may sound cliche but there’s no other way to describe popular actress Bonnie Sveen other than glowing. 

The beloved actress is grinning from ear to ear and her booming cackling laugh be heard from the next room. Despite being drop dead gorgeous, Bonnie doesn’t like being measured by her looks. In fact, the whole idea of Hollywood being so image-obsessed is stopping her from spreading her wings in Los Angeles.

‘[To play a bimbo] would make me so unhappy,’ she tells New Idea. ‘If they’re giving bikini babes a bit of a meaty role, I’ll take it.’ 

One role the 29-year-old was born for, however, is that of a mother. Having played single mum Ricky Sharpe on Home And Away, and now a newly minted aunty, babies are on the brain for Bonnie…


What are your thoughts on starting a family?

I’ll definitely have kids one day. Nath is a bit older. He’s 34 in December, so it feels like 29 isn’t too bad and we have some time. My big brother had a baby this year and so my parents have their first grandchild.

Would you ever move back to Tasmania? 

Maybe down the track. I think that would make me happy moving back to Tassie, it’s just about getting that balance. Both of us want to be doing what we love, which is here, but in the in-between times we’re like: ‘Why are we here?’ 

How are you feeling about turning 30 next year?

I’ve felt 30 for three years! I think because I played a mum [on Home And Away] and am always around older people. I’m looking forward to it. People have more respect for you and you know how to make yourself happy. It’s not scary turning 30 – it’s scary accepting who you are and working out what you want the next 30 years to be. 


Has your relationship with Jess on and off the screen changed this season? 

It was good to be actually in the same room this time around! We spent a lot of time talking on the phone last season. We did get into more of a rhythm this time and we found out feet a little bit more. 

What’s it like working with Jess? 

I think we kind of dance together well. She’s quite open and we’ve just got that kind of relationship where if something needs fixing or fine tuning, we can – there’s no egos in the way. 

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