The Block’s Scott Cam: ‘Shaynna’s a b****’

This is nasty!
Channel 9

Shaynna Blaze is the Australian interior designer who has cast her professional eye over renovations on hit show The Block. But, host Scott Cam has labelled Blaze a ‘b****’ during Sunday night’s episode for her harsh scores. 

Scott criticised the 54-year-old for what he thought were harsh scores of the contestants final front yard and facade reveals. 

Blaze delivered two 7.5 scores to Hannah and Clint and Ronnie and Georgia, which was noticeably lower than what fellow judge Neale Whitaker scored before her. 

‘I think maybe Shaynna couldn’t see over the fence,’ Ronnie joked. 


Scott added: ‘Some high scores and some low scores. And Shaynna’s a b***h, isn’t she?’  

Meanwhile, both Josh and Elyse and Ronnie and Georgia failed to deliver in the final reveal of the competition, as Sticks and Wombat took out the honours.

The friends won the front yard and facade reveal by half a point, with the show’s judges praising their maintenance-free front yard and Scandinavian feel.

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