How a handbag could sway The Block auction night results

It's no ordinary handbag.
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In this week on hit renovation series, The Block there is a certain item that could sway more people to bid on the houses on auction night. But it all depends on who wins the studio room challenge.

WATCH: Kirsty and Steph feud on The Block. Article continues after the video. 

Shelly Craft waltzed onto The Block set with what seemed to be an ordinary red bag, but it turned out to be something very special.

A vintage Hermes handbag named after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

The Kelly bag originated in the 1930’s – called Chouchou bag – but was renamed in the 50s after Grace Kelly was photographed concealing her early pregnancy using the handbag.

(Credit: Nine)

According to Channel Nine, the vintage Kelly Hermes bag is worth at least $20,000 or more. Some websites are selling the Kelly vintage bag for more than double the price.

Scotty Cam asked his co-host: “Now I believe Shelly, you saw this online?”

“$250,000,” Shelly responded. 

But why could this influence The Block auction?

Not only is the purse worth $20,000 – which would be an incredible grab for the winner – but any Grace Kelly or Hermes fans would be dying to get their hands on it, plus a beautiful luxury home.

The handbag isn’t the only prize on offer. In total, The Block has offered $60,000 in prize money this week.

(Credit: Nine)

With $20,000 in the Hermes bag, and House No.3 Brett and Kristy taking home $10,000 for an impressive steak cooked to Scotty’s liking, that leaves $30,000 remaining for the studio room winner.

The winner will receive $10,000 in cash from Ford and a $20,000 wardrobe upgrade from Kinsman.

Tension has already been rising among contestants, but whoever wins this week’s challenge could have a target on their backs.

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