Shock pics: The Block judges at war – Shaynna, Darren and Neale’s bitter off-screen clash

What’s causing the tension?
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They appear to be a tight-knit trio on set, but exclusive new pictures reveal The Block judges sharing what appears to be a tense moment, leaving some fans asking whether there are problems brewing among Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker.

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In the photos, interior designer Shaynna is seen to be looking quite annoyed as Neale is trying to talk to her, while Darren looks on with a stern expression.

While the three judges appear to get along well on the show, these new images could spell problems on set. With Shaynna considered to be the most popular judge for quite some time, could the tension be down to jealousy?

The Block judges

It appears Neale and Darren may be ready to take the title of ‘top judge’ and have been doing more appearances and interviews recently, possibly to increase their popularity.

In earlier interviews, Darren hinted that his advice as a judge was more superior, as he gave constructive feedback rather than playing the ‘tough judge’ like Shaynna.

The Block judges

Domain.com.au revealed she was “the toughest of the three judges” as “analysis of the show’s scoring reveals the design queen has given the Blockhead couples the lowest proportion of the total scores since season six.”

“I think I’m tough, for sure, but I’m also fair,” Shaynna previously said.

While ‘nice guy’ Darren told the news site: “I try to keep in mind how they [the contestants] might feel about hearing or seeing negative feedback and wherever possible I give suggestions on improvement rather than criticism. When I do criticise, I try and explain why things don’t work. I do have moments, though, when all of that goes out the window.”

The Block judges

Neale, on the other hand, appears to be working to get more of the limelight by showcasing his beautiful home on the South Coast on Instagram, possibly in a bid to get more attention from fans, as Shaynna has the largest following on social media with 129,000 followers.

Darren, meanwhile, took part in a big interview with the Daily Telegraph recently, showcasing his home and talking about his opinions on design trends.

The Block judges

“I don’t pay much attention to the interior trends because I think they are great to be inspired by but not great to blindly adhere to. It’s like fashion – if you dress like everybody else that’s fine but it’s not expressing who you are,” he said.

Could this new found attention be causing tension as the three judges compete for the top spot?

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