The Block cast SLAM influencer quitters for saying they’re famous ‘globally’

"She's got s***loads of money – why are they here?"
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New footage from The Block suggests tensions were high between the cast and eventual ‘quitters’ Joel and Elle.

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Tonight’s episode will show the influencer pair leaving the competition only 48 hours after it began, but it appears many other contestants weren’t impressed with them to begin with. 

Last night we saw pre-show footage of contestant Sarah-Jane, who is competing with her partner Tom, slamming social media influencers. 

Sarah-Jane was not impressed by Elle
Sarah-Jane was not impressed by Elle (Credit: Nine)

“Social influencers … Some I respect obviously. Some make a huge career out of it! … But people who just go on shows to [boost their] social media, I don’t have time for that s**t.,” Sarah-Jane complained

“Like, go get a real f**king job mate, don’t waste my time,” she said.

After meeting Elle, Tom asked why Sarah-Jane had a problem with her.

“She’s already famous with 600,000 followers on Instagram. She’s got s***loads of money – why are they here?” a frustrated Sarah-Jane hit back.

Joel and Elle left the competition without explanation
Joel and Elle left the competition without explanation (Credit: Instagram)

Sarah-Jane wasn’t the only one who Elle rubbed the wrong way. This morning Kyle Sandilands hit out at the contestants for saying they were ‘global influencer(s)’

“Who the hell is she?!” Kyle asked

Of course, we’re unlikely to learn who she is as Elle and her former-AFL-star husband Joel left the show less than two days after filming began.

The pair have claimed that they had to leave due to Joel’s mother sustaining a neck injury, however host Scott Cam has hinted he’s not so convinced.

“I still don’t know why they left. They never mentioned their sick mother in the 48 hours before they left, or after they left. The executive producer spoke to them (after they left) and they didn’t mention their sick mother then either,” Scott told news.com.au

Scott has also revealed that the pair had complained that “the toilet paper was too scratchy” and that the show wasn’t “on brand” for the couple.

Hopefully we’ll find out more when episode two airs tonight. 

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