Bachelorette Jarrod: My agony over Sophie dumping me

The runner-up breaks his silence.

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Jarrod Woodgate was left heartbroken by Sophie Monk. 

Since week one of the series the vineyard manager has not hidden his infatuation with the blonde beauty – and on Thursday night’s episode Sophie finally let ‘stage five clinger’ Jarrod go in favour of millionaire pub owner Stu Laundy.

Along with most viewers, the 37-year-old was left feeling sick after the awkward and brutal moment. 

After the brutal dumping, Jarrod was reduced to a blubbering mess, walking down the beach alone as he sobbed.

Sophie had told Jarrod: ‘In my head, you’re everything I’ve been looking for. Absolutely everything, but my heart belongs to someone else.’

Jarrod couldn’t contain his disappointment as his lively expression dropped and he wiped tears from his eyes.

He avoided eye contact with Sophie, sighing as he admitted: ‘Wow. I didn’t know what to think, coming into today, but I didn’t expect that.’ 

Composing himself, he sniffled and thanked Sophie for their short-lived romance. 

‘Every moment we had together, all the memories and the journey that we’ve done- no regrets whatsoever in any of this. You’ve just helped me become a better person in this whole journey, and I thank you for that,’ he said. 


Sophie found it difficult watching the heartbroken Victorian head home. saying: ‘Oh, I’m an a**hole. Oh, God. I’m sorry.’

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