Bachelorette Angie’s shocking news about relationship with Carlin

Why the couple won't live together despite Angie's recent relocation to Sydney.
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Angie Kent revealed she won’t be living with Carlin Sterritt when she relocates to Sydney in the near future.

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“I will be looking at moving back to Sydney at the beginning of next year,” the Bachelorette told Vogue Australia.

“That’s kind of what we’ve had a chat about. Not together, we don’t want to live together yet.”

The 29-year-old added how they wanted to focus on dating in the real world first.

The Bachelorette Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt living apart
Angie Kent chose Carlin Sterritt in the finale of The Bachelorette last Thursday. (Credit: Channel Ten / Instagram)

Both Angie and Carlin admitted it would be “weird” to be able to step out publicly as a couple in their first interview as a couple on Thursday night.

“We just want to be able to eat food out in public. We would talk about just going to breakfast. We both love brunch,” the Gogglebox star said.

“Go and have a brunch, a lunch, a drank [sic] in public, a walk, go to the beach. Just simple, everyday human things. That’s what we’re excited to do.”

The Bachelorette Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt living apart
The Bachelorette’s Angie Kent and Carlin Sterrit gave their first interview as a couple last week. (Credit: Channel 10)

Angie said they’ve had some pretty extraordinary dates and are looking forward to being normal.

It sounds very boring, but we’ve had quite the lives, we’re very excited to do simple things,” she said.

“Anyone who’s done this experience will understand,” added Carlin.

The Bachelorette Angie Kent Carlin Sterritt living apart
Angie Kent is looking forward to having a normal date with Carlin Sterritt. (Credit: Channel 10)

Thus, it appears the couple are starting fresh off-camera to find out if they have what it takes to make it in the real world before considering moving in together.

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