Tim Robards & Anna Heinrich reveal how daughter Elle is adjusting to being a big sister

Their youngest daughter Ruby was born in early March.
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Anna and Tim Robards have shared an adorable new video of their eldest child Elle meeting their newborn daughter Ruby, just over a month since the family of three grew to a family of four. 

Describing the moment the three-year-old met her little sister for the first time as “one we will cherish forever” the couple said they were “so proud of Elle for being the best big sister”, jokingly admitting that the toddler “does call herself Ruby’s mum.”

WATCH NOW: Elle meets her baby sister Ruby for the first time.

After a long pregnancy, the couple confirmed their darling daughter had arrived safely into the world on March 4th with a sweet picture of all four of the Robards.

“It’s been a BIG few days with a few speed bumps to test us out but coming up for air and can now introduce you to RUBY ROBARDS!,” Anna wrote in the caption.

“Mum and Ruby are doing well now, Dad has a few more greys (which will miraculously turn brown intermittently, and Elle is being an unbelievable big sister and even better midwife. Hearts are full.”

“Thank you to eeeeveryone at the hospital who has helped! The docs and nurses here have all been beyond amazing and we are forever grateful.”

Anna and Tim welcome baby number two
Anna and Tim welcome baby number two! (Credit: Instagram)

The couple, who first announced they were expecting their child in September 2023, received a flurry of congratulatory messages from friends and fans following the announcement. 

“Congrats you guys!” shared Jules Sebastian. “Congratulations beautiful family! Big love to you all,” added Jess Rowe. 

tim robards daughters
Tim poses with Elle and Ruby.

Anna and Tim shared their low-key pregnancy announcement on September 17, 2023, with Anna sharing a snap to her Instagram stories of her burgeoning baby bump, with Tim and Elle by her side. The caption simply read, “BABY NO.2 Due early 2024.”

The couple also shared an adorable Instagram reel at the time, which showed their daughter Elle walking around with a balloon under her shirt saying she has a baby and that “her mummy [is] going to get a baby too.”

“Turns out Elle was right. Bringing another rascal into the world 2024.”

This article previously appeared on WHO Magazine.

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