Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson: ‘I’ve found my co-pilot’

"I’m not here just to get the kiss count up."
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Handsome pilot Jimmy Nicholson is set to fly into our hearts as he searches for love in the next season of The Bachelor.

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But, with so much time spent in the skies, has the 31-year-old ever joined the mile-high club?

“No, no I haven’t,” Jimmy tells New Idea before adding with a laugh, “It’s like they say, ‘don’t drink from the company water fountain.’”

All jokes aside, Jimmy insists he’s very eager to settle down, and teases to New Idea that he has found his co-pilot

Jimmy says he’s found his co-pilot for life. (Credit: Instagram)

Have you ever been in love before? 

I have, twice before. I was in two long-term relationships through my late teens and 20s. I don’t use the L-bomb lightly – I have been in love twice before and I am happy to say that I’m in love now.

Do you want marriage and kids in the future? 

Absolutely! I am from a really close family. I don’t have a strict timeline, but I would love kids in the next three to five years and get married in three years. I know it’s early days, but it’s all looking pretty good. 

Jimmy with his mum. (Credit: Instagram)

What is your policy on kissing the girls on the show? 

I’m not here just to get the kiss count up – I’m only going to do it if I feel something, and it’s an important part of sussing out if there’s any connection there. 

Do you get to help plan the dates on the show? 

Yes, I came up with most of them myself. I know I have limited time with the girls and want to plan dates that would show the traits I was looking for in a girl. I asked my family what dates can we do and I gave [producers] one of the most extensive lists they have ever had. 

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It sounds like your family are very involved in the process. You are clearly all very close – what do they think about you going on the show? 

They have been really supportive. Mum has watched the show before and knows that it has a good success rate. They will feature pretty heavily on the show because they are a big part of my life. 

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