Shock pics of the Honey Badger that will have everyone talking

Exclusive to New Idea.

Australia’s new Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins is turning out to be a favourite with the ladies.

In exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps from the popular dating show, the buff sportsman is seen exing his rippling muscles in a sexy reman’s outfit.

The ladies appear to not resist his charms, with one pretty brunette needing to be rescued.

After being scooped up in his arms, she later took the chance to pat down his muscular back and check out his pert posterior.

honey badger the bachelor
honey badger

In other pictures, the hopefuls are seen awaiting the star on a group date, dressed in what appeared to be schoolgirl outfits.

On another single date, things seem to be going swimmingly with a pretty blonde. The pair are seen frolicking in the ocean, after going paddleboarding.

honey badger

The two appear to hit it off, as he’s later seen presenting the beauty with the first rose of the season.

The woman bears a striking resemblance to the 30-year-old’s ex, Martine Thomassen.

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