The Bachelor: Matt gets called a ‘disrespectful pig’ in latest trailer

Nobody saw this coming!
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If the latest trailer is anything to go by, this season of The Bachelor is going to be filled to the brim with DRAMA.

A LOT happens in the new Bachie clip, and our very handsome astrophysicist looks like he’s going to have a hard time narrowing his choice of future girlfriend down to just one. 

Despite the abundance of kisses with numerous different women, there is one moment that has us all shocked, when contestant Abbie Chatfield reveals that another girl in the house has called Matt Agnew ‘dog s**t’ and a ‘disrespectful pig’ – oh dear. 

WATCH: The Bachelor’s Matt gets called a disrespectful pig

Have you suitably recovered from the above trailer? Good, we’ll continue. 

We’ll dive straight into the moment Abbie drops the major bombshell, and Matt’s face looks all kinds of unimpressed when he hears one of the girls has been talking s**t about him.

In a later voice-over, we hear Matt say: “I have to grab her and see if we can sort this out”. 

The Bachelor
*not happy* (Credit: Channel Ten)

Then comes the moment Matt confronts the yet to be identified woman who’s been talking behind the Bachelor’s back, and my golly this looks incredibly uncomfortable. 

The Bachelor
“Oh f**k hello” (Credit: Channel Ten)

It seems that whatever goes down makes the girls in the house very happy, as we are then met with the most brutal of farewells: “Bye b***h!” 

The Bachelor
SEE YA! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Matt also kisses (passionately) a total of 17 women, so it’s safe to say our little scientist isn’t as wholesome as he seems… 

Who else can’t wait for this season! 

WATCH KISS COUNT: The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew smooches 17 girls in new promo!

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