Terrifying news for Grant and Cheryl Denyer

Chezzi broke the news to her fans via social media
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Cheryl Denyer has revealed some very worrying news.

Chezzi, who has been married to TV star Grant Denyer for nine years – took to Instagram to share news of a recent health scare her daughter Sailor, seven had experienced.


Accompanying a picture of several pieces of chocolate with a lengthy caption, Chezzi began: “I won’t lie. I’ve been hit with some BIG chocolate/ sweet cravings today. I’m trying to manage it… BUT, at the same time I’m also feeling a tad bit tense,”


Continuing her explanation, the 40-year-old said: “You see, Sailor had a bad allergic reaction a week ago. Her little throat started to close up. She had hives.

“We had to act fast. It’s not the first time, but it was worse this time. I wasn’t expecting it. We think it was cross-contamination of some pistachio nuts on some tongs at a hotel we stayed at.”


Grant’s wife then went on to explain that Sailor had been diagnosed with a moderate allergy to cashew nuts two years ago.

“We’ve managed it though, and well. Up until now. So I’m taking her to Westmead Hospital tomorrow to work out if we need an Epi-pen.”

However, the media star also revealed that her youngest daughter, Scout, three has also been going through a tough time too this week.

“A little boy has scared her at care. She doesn’t want to leave my side. And screams and cries at night because she’s scared.”

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