The heartwarming way Terri Irwin told Steve she was pregnant

Oh, the nostalgia!
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Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell have finally welcomed their little girl into the world and the sweet milestone has brought back many memories of Steve and Terri’s own pregnancy journey.

Now, nostalgia-inducing footage has resurfaced of the special moment Terri told her husband they were expecting their second child. And fans are beside themselves with the adorable moment. 

WATCH: The sweet way Terri Irwin told Steve she was pregnant 

There are some striking similarities between Terri and Steve’s love story and Bindi and Chandler’s, i.e. the Irwin in-laws are both American-born and met their  significant other at a wildlife park. 

What’s more, the younger couple followed well and truly in Steve and Terri’s footsteps by getting married and having a child soon after they had started dating. 

To celebrate Bindi and Chandler’s amazing milestone, Animal Planet has re-released old footage of Terri announcing she was pregnant to her husband, alongside new footage of Bindi discussing her own pregnancy journey.

And to say it’s sweet is an understatement. 

Steve Terri pregnancy announcement
Terri (right) told Steve (left) she was expecting a baby in the sweetest way. (Credit: TikTok)

Posting to their TikTok, Animal Planet shared throwback footage of a pregnant Bindi Irwin talking about her cravings. The 22-year-old explained she was longing for specific lettuce wrap from a Chinese restaurant in Oregon,  but that she couldn’t satisfy the craving due to the COVID-19-enforced travel restrictions.

Her younger brother Robert Irwin piped in at this stage, saying “Cravings are so interesting. I remember watching a documentary that you (Terri) told dad you were pregnant with the pickles and ice cream.”

The shot then cut to footage from 2003 of Terri indulging in some pickles and ice cream, preparing to tell her husband she was pregnant with their second child.   

Steve Terri Bindi Robert
Terri and Steve met in 1991 and got married a year later in 1992. The couple welcomed Bindi in 1998 and Robert in 2003. (Credit: Instagram)

“I don’t know why, I just have these cravings.” Terri told Steve through a mouthful of pickles and ice cream. 

Cacthing on straight away, the Crocodile Hunter exclaimed “Woohoo! I’ve bloody done it, before hugging his mate and saying “I’ll congratulate my mate first.”

Steve then went to go kiss and hug his wife, expressing his surprise she was eating ice cream… not the pickle… the ice cream. 

Bindi Chandler Grace
Bindi and Chandler have recently welcomed their first daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. (Credit: Instagram)

The sweet video was soon flooded with comments from adoring fans. 

“I wish Steve could’ve been here for all this joy.” one user wrote.

“Omg am I the only one who started crying during this video?” another added. 

“Steve lives on through his beautiful family.” a third penned.

“Umm I live in Oregon and wanna know what lettuce wraps are so good that you crave them from Australia.” a fourth chimed in.

Hopefully Bindi can get her lettuce wraps soon. Though, now that the 22-year-old has welcomed her child, her cravings may be long gone by now. 

Congratulations to the new parents!

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