Survivor’s Pia Miranda faces up to being ‘most hated’ by TV fans

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Survivor winner Pia Miranda has opened up about the trolling she has suffered since her time on the show. 

The actress was called “the most hated woman in Australia” by some viewers, and she spoke to the Herald Sun on Sunday how she deals with the backlash. 

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The 46-year-old said she “played hard and played proud” and was pleased she had made her children proud. 

“I’ve done a couple of podcasts where I’ve talked about what it means to be a woman playing really hard on Survivor and how sometimes that can end with repercussions,” Pia stated.

“But at the end of the day I played hard and played proudly and I can make my kids proud.

pia wins survivor
Pia won this season’s Survivor (Credit: Channel 10)

The Looking for Alibrandi star also said that the negative comments from fans of the show were a “real eye opener”.

Pia’s Instagram was page has been flooded with brutal comments after the elimination of fan favourite Luke Toki.

“You’ll live with this decision forever,” was one comment. “Worst TV moment ever.”

Another called Pia “the most hated woman in Australia.”

survivor pia
Pia suffered trolling from fans of the show (Credit: Channel 10)

Although many fans were livid at Pia’s actions, Luke himself didn’t hold a grudge. 

The father-of-three took to Instagram this month, urging viewers to take it easy on Pia.

“It’s just a game,” he said in a video.

“Pia’s probably copping a lot of flack online, and just remember that she made that move for herself and her goals.”

He continued: “That’s exactly what I would’ve done… Just be a little nicer to her and remember that all those other guys have played this game just as hard as I have.”

luke toki survivor
Luke asked fans to lay off Pia (Credit: Channel 10)

Pia eventually won the Sole Survivor crown and $500,000.

Luke’s fans didn’t want him to go away with nothing, and created a GoFundMe account for the star, raising over $550,000. 

During an appearance on The Project, Luke thanked fans for the overwhelming donations.

“It’s extremely humbling,” he said, adding, “Much love to everyone that’s donated.”

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