WATCH: Sunrise star David Koch quizzes Sam Mac on his tortured love life

The popular weatherman was taken aback as his colleague asked the big question

Sunrise favourite and New Idea columnist Sam Mac has been confronted on the show this morning by David Koch about his love life – and his alleged designs on the popular host’s job!


Sam, who this week begins his exciting new column in New Idea, was speaking about his fun photo shoot with cat Coco, and his revealing interview – in which he discusses his currently fruitless love life.

‘You’ve bared your soul on dating; you’re a bit picky,’ Kochie noted of the tell-all interview – in which Sam reveals he still hasn’t been able to top his relationship with an ex-partner, as he travels constantly.

‘Who was that with?’ probed Kochie, to which a female voice – believed to be Edwina Bartholomew – interjected – ‘His mother!’

(Credit: New Idea)

‘That was with Patrice, but that was a number of years ago now,’ explained a seemingly taken aback Sam.

‘You are going harder than New Idea, Kochie. This is unexpected.’

Sam this week tells New Idea of his love life: ‘When you’re away so much and then you get home, you want to sleep or you want to catch up with a mate who you haven’t seen for months.

‘It sounds like I’m making excuses, but, having said that, I am very fussy.’

‘I could give you a long list. I’ve had a long-term relationship which was great, seven years, and we’re still friends, she’s a big part of my life. But I think when that ended, and I’ve had quite a few years now of being single, it means that if I don’t have something that’s that or better than that (then what’s the point) …’

Kochie also cornered Sam on claims he wants the star’s job, with Sam cheekily responding, ‘I want your salary.’

With the team, including Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr, excited about Sam’s new project, the popular weatherman revealed his beloved mum is over the moon.

‘My mum is really pumped for this, she’s an avid reader of New Idea. So this is really my finest moment through my mum’s eyes.’

You can read Sam’s full interview in this week’s New Idea.

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