Strange details about Cyrell and Eden’s split emerge

Some things aren't adding up.
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Heavily pregnant Cyrell Paule revealed to her fans on Friday afternoon that she and Eden Dally had officially split up

WATCH: Cyrell and Eden look tense at their baby gender reveal

However, new details have emerged that show the former couple looking incredibly loved up at an event the day before their break up. 

Is this the face of a happy couple, or one that is about to split up?? (Credit: Instagram)

The pair were celebrating and getting a pamper session at Kim’s Brows & Beauty salon in Hurtsville, where their Instagram page shared photos of the ‘happy’ couple.

Brave face for the cameras? The pair were broken up 24 hours after this photo was taken. (Credit: Instagram)

“It was so much fun and so lovely to have you both in today,” they wrote.

The former Married At First Sight star took to her Instagram 24 hours later to share the upsetting news while she cradled her baby bump.

“Even if it’s just you and me. We’ll create our own happiness. #mylittleprince #myoneandonly,” Cyrell wrote as the caption.

Cyrell is focusing on her baby boy that is due early next year. (Credit: Instagram)

But it didn’t end there… Cyrell took to her Instagram Story shortly after to go into more detail about the harrowing break up, and how online trolls have made it so much worse for her.

“You would think people would be happy to hear about my break-up. Are you all not happy? Was this not what you all rooted and prayed for? Or maybe your prayers of me having a miscarriage is what ur hoping for next?

“We live in a sad, bad world where [we] wish and pray for misery on others to feel better about ourselves.

“I hope this shows a reflection of the weak, sad individual you are. I may not have a partner but my son is all I need.”

Cyrell lashed out after the break up became public. (Credit: Instagram)

It wasn’t long until fans noticed that Cyrell had deleted all photos of her and the Love Island runner up from her social media and that the pair had officially unfollowed each other.

What wasn’t expected was how chipper Eden seemed the day following the split, with The Daily Mail capturing him on a date night with model Nicole Shiraz, looking in good spirits.

Eden’s new girl? Nicole seemed to capture Eden’s heart on their date night. (Credit: Instagram)

According to the publication, Eden was really happy, laughing, as he shared drinks with Shiraz, who also owns designer handbag rental service Boss Ladies.

While it definitely seemed like a date night, Eden later explained that there is nothing romantic going on between him and Shiraz, but he is an ambassador for Boss Ladies.

Regardless of his new relationship status, it seems like Eden and Cyrell had been having issues for a while now.

Earlier this month, break up rumours swirled about the former couple after an uncomfortable situation at their gender reveal party (video above).

An onlooker filmed the moment they discovered their child would be a baby boy, however, instead of showing genuine happiness, the pair were putting on a ‘show’.

They didn’t even hug.

A source also revealed to New Idea that they were arguing throughout the day.

Eden, who was allegedly in a ‘foul’ mood, ended up kicking everybody out of his home… and Cyrell left too.

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