Stephen Peacocke & Tim Franklin’s HUGE new film together

It's a Summer Bay reunion!
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It’s always devastating when a Home And Away favourite leaves Summer Bay for good.

In most cases, however, it doesn’t take long for the actor or actress to pop up in something new to excite fans.

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The latest venture of ex-Home And Away stars is sure to provide twice the excitement and then some: Tim Franklin and Stephen Peacocke are set to star in a new film together alongside Summer Bay and McLeod’s Daughters’ fave, Myles Pollard.

Before Dawn is an Anzac WWI film that tells the “iconic story about our nations remarkable millitary history” specifically “the journey of fictional WA outback kid Jim Collins and his battalion on the Western Front”.

Time shared a clip of the cast announcement to his Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

“A lot of people, when they think of WWI, they think of Gallipoli but they forget there was many years after Gallipoli fighting at the western front, that was the story I wanted to tell,” director Jordan Prince-Wright told 7News.

Tim shared a clip of the cast announcement to his Instagram along with the message: “So grateful to be a part of telling this story”.

This is Tim’s first major role since leaving Summer Bay. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The WWI movie, based on diary entreies from Western Australian soldiers, had filming called to a halt thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, however production is back underway and bigger than ever.

Stephen’s final appearance as Brax was in 2016, when he left the Bay with Ricky, played by Bonnie Sveen, and their baby.

The Braxtons were Home And Away icons. (Credit: Channel Seven)

He won three TV WEEK Logie Awards for the role, which he started playing in 2011.

Meanwhile Tim’s Summer Bay sting came to a close much more recently, with his character Colby being sent to prison for the murder of his step-father.

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