Sophie Monk tells: The real truth about Stu

'I fell hard.'

It was an emotional interview for Sophie Monk, as The Bachelorette star sat down with A Current Affair last week to spill the beans on the breakdown of her relationship with Stu Laundy.

The 38-year-old said despite declaring before the show aired that she was looking for a man to settle down and have kids with, she genuinely fell hard for the separated but still married father- of-four who’d had a vasectomy.

Speaking through tears, Sophie admitted: ‘I was just hoping and he was the person I had a connection with.’ However, while the former Bardot singer declined to give a reason for their split, she mysteriously stated they had ‘different morals’, alluding to the fact that the millionaire publican had done something she couldn’t forgive. And Sophie also came clean about those staged paparazzi shots.


‘Every day, I was getting burnt for not being affectionate, so there’s paparazzi at the airport, and I was like [to Stu], “Kiss me, I know this is weird, just kiss me – we’ve got to do it,” ’ she said.

And fans were left questioning whether the buxom blonde had already moved on to a new man when she used the term ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ when talking about freezing her eggs.

‘It’s not a headline, I’m definitely doing it. We’re definitely looking into it now.’ The plot thickens…

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