Sophie Monk admits truth about her ‘dream holiday’ with boyfriend Josh Gross

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Sophie Monk’s Instagram account is bursting with photographs of her and her boyfriend Joshua Gross, where the couple are currently on an idyllic-looking holiday in the Maldives.

But the ex-Bachelorette has confessed to KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O what’s really going on on their break – and everything is not what it seems.

LISTEN to the interview below.

“It’s just all sand and beautiful ocean, which isn’t really my thing really, because you know I don’t tan, it’s just all fake tan,” she tells Kyle and Jackie of their holiday resort.

Speaking of her blossoming relationship with Josh, who she’s admitted before to wanting to marry, she only had good things to say, “It’s amazing. He’s perfect.”

“I’m probably getting on his nerves,” she added.

“I’m not a very active person, whereas Josh is. He’s like, ‘Let’s go kayaking’ and I don’t even know what a kayak is.

“I’d love to look like I’m health, health, health, but [I’m not]. It’s not happening. I don’t sunbake or anything,” the 39-year-old confessed. 


And as for gossip on the new season of Love Island, Kyle and Jackie couldn’t score any details from the beauty, who is set to host the show later this year.

“I swear to god they’re not telling me because they know I’ll tell you guys,” Sophie revealed.

Admitting she can’t keep a secret, Sophie tells Kyle and Jackie she has no idea when the new season will be on air, or even where it is being filmed, because the network knows that she’ll tell everyone too early.

Adding: “I tell you guys everything.”


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