Sophie’s baby plans!

Besties Oscar and Sophie are seriously thinking about becoming parents.
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She has always been open about her desire to start a family, and now Sophie Monk’s dream to become a mum is closer than ever.

Having made a secret “baby pact” with her best friend Oscar Gordon, the pair are on their way to parenthood with the marketing mogul volunteering to donate his sperm. After Sophie’s recent visit to an IVF clinic to freeze her eggs she is actively looking for a surrogate to carry the baby for her.

“It’s not to say Sophie won’t try to conceive herself,” says a friend. “But having been diagnosed with endometriosis and turning 39 in a few weeks, she knows that’s the way it’s heading and Oscar is on board with that.”

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Although she has confirmed her romance with a mystery man she met on a flight, friends reveal that nothing will derail Sophie’s plans and any new love interest would come second place to her closest pal.

“Sophie and Gordon are practically joined at the hip,” says a friend. “He has been there with her through her most difficult times, including her high-profile break-ups, so new boyfriend or not, Oscar is still her number one.”

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It was during Sophie’s time in Spain for Love Island that Oscar made the offer to help his dearest friend by becoming a donor, stipulating that if she takes him up on it, he would rather they use a surrogate to carry the baby.

“It sort of started as a joke,” says the friend.

“With Oscar saying there was no way she could give up the smokes and drinking for nine months. They were laughing about that part, but the conversation turned serious and they actually thought it could work. But as close as they are, Oscar did think it may be strange if his semen was used for insemination so they agreed to explore other options.”

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