Sonia Kruger teases replacement: “I’d mentally moved on”

Are her hosting days coming to an end?
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Sonia Kruger has hosted many a show in her time. From Big Brother Australia, Dancing With The Stars and The Voice Australia, she sure seems to have a near-monopoly on Australian reality TV. 

But now it seems the popular host might be gearing up to leave. 

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Appearing on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Sonia, 55, confessed she has had recent doubts about hosting, particularly when it comes to one TV show in particular. 

Speaking of Big Brother’s massive revival, Sonia confessed she wasn’t too keen to host the new and improved social experiment. 

sonia kruger big brother
Sonia Kruger has hosted a fair few reality shows in her time. (Credit: Instagram)

Talking about when she was approached to host the revamped reality show, Sonia confessed she “had mentally moved on” and thought that a reinvention of a show warranted a whole new presenter. 

Sonia went on to deem herself a “glorified bus driver” with regards to her hosting duties.

Sonia Kruger
“Maybe some people think I live life looking like I do on television – which is completely wrong!” Sonia revealed to New Idea. (Credit: Instagram)

In an interview with New Idea earlier this year, Sonia cleared up some misconceptions people may have about her.

“Maybe some people think I live life looking like I do on television – which is completely wrong!” the host explained. “The first thing I do when the camera stops rolling is peel off my eyelashes, trade the heels for my UGG boots and become a dag again, fast as I can.

“Most people would be surprised to know that I have a degree in Leisure. Legit! As a mature-age student, I put myself through university to do an Arts degree, majoring in Leisure, Sport and Tourism.

Big Brother Australia 2021
“These people are going to keep you entertained”. Sonia said of the new Big Brother housemates. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Despite her doubts, Sonia is staying on our screens for at least a little while longer. The host is going from presenting last night’s electric finalé of Dancing With The Stars to immediately captaining the new Big Brother series, starting from tonight.

And it seems like we should be preparing for a wild season indeed, with Sonia assuring that “these people are going to keep you entertained”. 

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