‘She’s a straight shooter!’ MAFS Martha speaks out about controversial co-star Ines

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Martha Kalifatidis is having a good run since she first sashayed onto Australian screens on the current season of Married At First Sight, bagging a gorgeous groom, a seemingly stable relationship and more than 100,000 new Instagram followers.

A girl couldn’t ask for more, and on the back of her own good fortune the Melbourne-born makeup artist has lent some sweet words of support to her embattled co-star and fellow bride, Ines Basic.

In an interview with Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, the 30-year-old defended Ines by calling her a “sweet, warm and caring girl” who is actually really sensitive despite her villainous portrayal on-screen.

Asked by Chrissie how the Bosnian-born legal assistant is holding up against online trolling and drink-driving drama, Martha expressed heartfelt sympathy for her friend who recently sparked concern over her dramatic 12kg weight loss.

Ines Basic shockingly gaunt at Brisbane post office
(Credit: Diimex)

“You know what, she will be [okay], but I feel like she is copping it really, really bad.

“It’s hard as a friend to see one of your friends go through that,” she admitted.

The glamorous brunette also warned that viewers do not see the whole picture of what happens on the show, and hit back at presenters when they noted Ines doesn’t seem to have a single redeeming feature.

“You guys do not see – you see one percent – a days filming lasts for 16 hours, and you see maybe half an hour of that.

“She is actually a really sweet and warm, caring girl, and really sensitive. It’s shocking she doesn’t come across like that whatsoever,” Martha observed.

“She comes across like she has a personality disorder,” host Chrissie countered.

Martha shot back: “Don’t get me wrong, she says it how it is. She is raw, she’s like, a straight shooter.”

Of her continuing romance with TV husband Michael Brunelli, the reality star said she is “the mover” who does the “heavy lifting” in the relationship.

The telling comment comes days after New Idea revealed Martha was getting close to a mystery man at Los Angeles hotspot, Delilah.

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