Shaynna Blaze: ‘The secret to my marriage’

The reality tv star opens about her family.

After 18 years of marriage, interior designer Shaynna Blaze and personal trainer Steve Vaughan have never been happier together. And now, the reality star reveals how she keeps her marriage strong.

Shaynna met hubby Steve at a bar in Melbourne and the two of them hit it off right away. Eleven months later the pair were married.

The couple have thriving careers that keep each of them busy and it can be hard for them to make time for the other, but Shaynna has a simple trick to keeping the spark alive.

‘The secret is every time we go out, it actually is date night,’ she tells New Idea. ‘You treat each other as your date, rather than just expecting them to always be there.

‘When you catch up, you just make sure that you’re present. You make sure that you’re there with each other and always touching base.’



Shaynna’s career isn’t set to slow down anytime soon. The interior designer is set to once again appear as a judge on The Block later this year. But before that she is appearing on the new reality show Buying Blind.

The property show will see six couples sign over their life savings to three experts, who will make the crucial decision of finding, purchasing and renovating a property, to meet the expectations of the couple.

‘They only see the house when they are standing in front of it, about to move in,’ reveals Shaynna.

‘It is really crazy! When the concept was sold to me, I thought: “Not on your life, I wouldn’t do it.”’

Of course, the interior designer has years of experience under her belt, but for everyday Aussies, buying a house can be extremely challenging.

‘These people were in a situation where they thought, look it’s high risk, but it’s better than what we’re doing right now,’ she says.

‘The jeopardy is huge, we’re making compromises on their behalf that they don’t know about, so we have to use every skill we’ve got to make sure that yes, we are making the right compromises.’

Buying Blind

Shaynna will be teaming up with successful buyer’s agent Rich Harvey, and builder and architect Marshal Keen to help these couples and families find their dream home.

But it isn’t always smooth sailing for the three experts.

‘We did butt heads professionally,’ she admits. ‘But it’s good when you can come to that conclusion that you’re there for the people, not yourself.’

Shaynna credits her passion for interior design to helping out her late father on all his creative endeavours.

‘My dad was a bit of a Mr DIY and always had a bit of a Mr DIY and always had a bit of a project,’ she gushes. ‘But I’ve always had a very creative life, whether it be artwork, painting, music or helping my dad.’

Creativity certainly runs in the family.

Shaynna’s two children from a previous relationship, Jesse and Carly, have also caught the bug – albeit in a very different industry to their mum.

‘They’re more creative in the TV industry,’ she reveals. ‘One is a sound assistant and the other one is an editor, so that came out of the blue. But they’re both trying to get into the property market, so they are valuing my opinions a little bit more right now.’

While Shaynna loves her job, she believes being a mum is by far her best role.

‘I think standing back and watching the wonder of these human beings creating their own life is amazing,’ she gushes. ‘I’m quite in awe of them.’

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