Shane Warne returns to Tinder as he jets off to promote his autobiography

The former cricketer has admitted travelling is 'incredibly lonely.'

Shane Warne has jetted off to England to promote his new autobiography, No Spin. But, it seems the Australian former cricketer has something else on his mind.

The Daily Telegraph reports the 48-year-old has begun online dating, claiming he is back on popular dating app Tinder. 

Daily Mail adds the father-of-three is using his new book cover as his profile picture. 



Last week, Warne was caught out attempting to reach out to the ‘world’s hottest grandma.’ 

The 47-year-old grandmother, who boasts more than 95,000 Instagram followers, stripped down into a busty top and bikini bottoms to thank her fans for ‘nearly hitting 100,000 followers.’

‘I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for following me,’ the Gold Coast native said.

‘It’s been ten months since I joined Instagram and I’m nearly up to 100,000 followers.’ 

Now, cricketing legend Shane Warne has begun ‘liking’ the busty blonde’s Instagram pictures – one of which sees the lingerie-clad mother-of-four posing seductively in her bedazzled bedroom.


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