SEE THE PIC: MAFS’ Michael does NOT look like this any more!


Married At First Sight’s Michael looks remarkably different in new pictures posted to his Instagram account on Monday. 

The 27-year-old PE teacher flaunted his new shaven mohawk hairstyle with the caption ‘uh-oh’.

But it wasn’t the haircut that was the only feature that looked different. 


Michael’s nose also looks remarkably slimmer, possibly suggesting that he may have undergone a second round of rhinoplasty. 

Michael did admit to having a nose job after a sport injury while he was on honeymoon.

‘Have you ever had any plastic surgery?’ Martha asked him.


‘I’ve had my nose broken and I had that fixed straight. That was cosmetic to put it straight back in place,’ he admitted. 

‘The rest of me is the way I was made,’ he added.

Martha has also undergone rhinoplasty as well as breast enhancement, lip fillers and botox injections. 

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