‘This is genius’: Fitzy and Wippa back Schapelle Corby as next Bachelorette!

The convicted drug smuggler has asked fans to help her find love.
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Schapelle Corby has announced that she has split from her former partner, Ben Panangian, after 16 years together.

WATCH: Schapelle Corby talks about her boyfriend Ben

Posting a snap to Instagram with her former Balinese beau scratched out, the convicted drug smuggler asked fans to help her find her a new man by tagging them in the comments.

“Looking for a New Four Leaf Clover. ATTENTION. Help a girl out – Get Tagging,” she wrote.  

“She’s single and ready to mingle.” (Credit: Instagram)

Followers were quick to put forward their friends as potential new suitors for Schappelle, with one writing, “She’s single and ready to mingle.”

Another added, “Your dream is about to come true,”  before tagging a friend. 

Schapelle first met Ben, an Indonesian surfer, at Kerobokan Prison back in 2006 when he was sentenced to more than three years for possession of marijuana – one year after she had been sentenced to 20 years after being busted with 4.2kg of cannabis in her bodyboard bag.

While it’s not yet known why the pair called it quits, it’s likely to do with the fact that Schappelle is no longer allowed to enter Bali as a result of her conviction, and Ben’s criminal record also makes it difficult to settle in Australia. Instead, the pair were forced to meet up in different countries that didn’t require a visa.

Schappelle Corby and Ben Panangian have called it quits. (Credit: Instagram)

She had previously credited Ben for helping her with her mental health, saying in 2020, “He’s very important. He’s a huge motivator in me. He’s really encouraged… He’s a big part of my life.”

“It works because we have video chats. We can see each other. It’s not just letters or normal telephone calls, it’s video chats, so we speak together like three or four times a day.

“It works for us, this long-distance relationship.”

Meanwhile, amid news of her newfound single status, radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa have suggested to a reality television producer of the franchise that Schappelle make a great pick for Australia’s newest Bachelorette


“Here we go. We’re throwing this one at you Ed. Because I think this is really starting to take off. But we have found out over the weekend. She put it up on Instagram that Schapelle Corby has broken up with Ben over in Bali and looking for love. Now there have been a lot of people suggesting wouldn’t it be great if channel 10 could find Schapelle Corby Love?” Fitzy asked the producer.

He replied, “I agree. I think that would be…”

Wippa chimed in, “Your awkwardness suggests you either think we’re complete idiots. Or you’ve already discussed it and we’ve given away the business secret.”

Ed added, “I think a lot of people would tune in.”

“This is genius. Who would not want to watch? So she’s never come out since prison, I don’t think she’s come out and done a like a sit-down interview. So not only do you get to making out with people on TV, but you also get the conversation to find out more about what happened in prison,” Wippa said, as Ed confirmed he will “absolutely put that to channel 10.”

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