EXCLUSIVE: Schapelle Corby’s secret tattoo: ‘I haven’t told this story to anyone’

Baring all, Schapelle reveals her extensive body art for the first time.
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Breakfast television, films, newspapers  and even a musical, Schapelle Corby’s life – not to mention the circumstances that made her a household name – has been extensively documented.

Yet as New Idea recently discovered, there’s still more of the headline maker to unveil.

WATCH: Schapelle Corby on SAS Australia

In 2017, Schapelle, who was convicted of smuggling cannabis into Indonesia in 2005, was ordered to leave Bali and was deported home to Australia. It was from here she took a new path.

As she readjusted to ‘normal’ life, Schapelle decided to seek out an extensive piece of body art. Having always had an artistic passion, she wanted to express the emotions she’d been forced to suppress while in prison.

“I’d never considered getting a huge back-piece tattoo. Not once [did] it cross my mind,” Schapelle, 44, tells New Idea.

Schapelle Corby is ready to share her tattoo with the world.

It wasn’t until Schapelle stumbled across one particular eye-catching work while scrolling the internet, did she decide to take the plunge and step into a tattoo parlour.

“I was so fixated on it [and] I knew at first sight that I needed this piece tattooed on my body,” recalls Schapelle.

Fully aware the impressive ink might be confronting to some, Schapelle says that beauty, particularly with art, is always in the eye of the beholder.

Over the years Schapelle has remained honest and open about the tough physical and psychological struggles she faced during her time in Bali’s infamous Kerobokan Prison. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m sure some out there will see this art as being somewhat on the dark side. Wicked, violent or evil, but it certainly is nothing like that,” she explains. “For me, she is my guardian. She’s my guardian giving me protection against evil. I feel much comfort and at ease knowing she’s with me. In a sense, she’s got my back.”

Indeed, protection is something the Schapelle has often gone without. Over the years she has remained honest and open about the tough physical and psychological struggles she faced during her time in Bali’s infamous Kerobokan Prison.

Until now, Schapelle has remained quiet about her striking tattoo and has worked hard to hide it from the world. It’s quite remarkable that she’s done so, too, when you take into account her emotionally confronting role on reality juggernaut, SAS Australia, and the revealing costumes she wore during her stint on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars this year.  

Schapelle has appeared on SAS Australia and Dancing With The Stars: All Stars. (Credit: Seven)

“Until this moment, I have never felt ready to share this story or my body,” Schapelle says, hinting that after years of turmoil, she’s finally entering a new, very welcome phase of her life.

“In recent months I’ve become a lot more content with myself and my surroundings,”  she reveals. “I felt I had to keep it a secret, so I have always worn things to cover it up, but not anymore,” she declares.

As another year draws to a close, Schapelle is looking forward to new opportunities and new beginnings.

With her guardian angel on her back, it’s clear she’s ready to take on everything that comes her way.

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