Inside Sarah Roberts’ sweet lockdown activity with step-daughter Scout

“Welcome to Scout and Sezzi’s cooking school."
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Home and Away sweethearts Sarah Roberts and James Stewart won over the nation with their off-screen romance, but it’s Sarah’s relationship with step-daughter Scout that will really pull at your heart strings.

WATCH BELOW: Sarah Roberts Talks About Becoming A Step-mum To Scout

When Sarah and James tied the knot in July 2019 in an intimate ceremony, Sarah not only gained a husband, but a beautiful step-daughter too.

Over the years, the pair have shared glimpses into their blended family, but it’s the latest insight that shows just how strong the bond between Sarah and Scout truly is.

Taking to Instagram, Sarah took her fans along with her as she and Scout got busy in the kitchen, all the while having plenty of fun as they cooked together in the midst of Sydney’s latest lockdown.

sarah roberts scout cooking
“We’re both doing it together because we’re in lockdown.” (Credit: Instagram)

“Welcome to Scout and Sezzi’s cooking school,” Sarah said while laughing as Scout cheered in the background.

“We’re both doing it together because we’re in lockdown,” Sarah said, before Scout added: “Lockdown monkeys.”

The two were having obvious fun as they laughed and joked as they cooked side-by-side.

The duo even took turns singing in the kitchen, and their matching grins couldn’t hide their joy as they spent time together.

sarah roberts scout cooking
Bonding in lockdown! (Credit: Instagram)

The series of video clips came as a result of a partnership with HelloFresh, with the end result looking incredibly delicious.

“All American Honey Chicken Wing-Dings,” Sarah said after they plated up the finished dish.

“I made them with chive sauce and potatoes and salad with my little sous chef that helped me,” she said.

james stewart sarah roberts scout
Sarah is step-mum to James’ daughter Scout. (Credit: Instagram)

Sarah has opened up in the past about becoming a step-mum to nine-year-old Scout, who husband and co-star James shares with Packed To The Rafters‘ star Jessica Marais.

While it wasn’t always planned, it’s a role the actress has revealed to be one she cherishes greatly.

“Covid for me I got to spend a lot of solid time with Jimmy and Scout, which was great for us as a family unit,” Sarah told Nova podcast How To…Life. “We really grew together.”

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