Samuel Johnson’s touching tribute to late sister Connie

So sweet.

Samuel Johnson has taken to Instagram to post an emotional tribute to his late sister Connie, nine months after she tragically passed of breast cancer. 

Taking to his Instagram, the actor shared a throwback photo of himself and Connie smiling alongside each other.


Fans flooded the post with love and well wishes.

One commenter wrote, ‘All I can see is pure love and pure joy – beautiful,’ with another added, ‘Love that pic of you both, such fun and joy in your faces!’

Other comments included, ‘Beautiful memories keep us going,’ and, ‘There is so much love and connection in this photo.’ 

Connie, an inspiring cancer activist, passed away at the age of 40 after battling a long and very public battle with the disease. 

First diagnosed at the age of 11, Connie often had Sam by her side as the two fought to raise funding for cancer research.

As well as founder of the Love Your Sister foundation, Connie was also the loving mother to two boys – Willoughby, 12 and Hamilton, 10. 


Last year, Connie spoke to Carrie Bickmore on The Project and spoke candidly about saying goodbye to her two sons. 

‘I have this thought that comes into my head all the time, where one day I’ll be holding the children’s hands, then I’ll be gone,’ she said. ‘My pain will be over, and theirs will just be beginning.’

When Connie tragically passed on September 8, 2017, Sam promised he would always be there for his two young nephews. 

Known affectionately as ‘Uncle Long Legs’, Sam vowed to help their father Michael raise the ‘fine, young men’ through the years, working to keep memories of their late mum alive. 

‘I’m one of the closest links the children will have to their mother and I’m setting myself up to be the chief go-to guy if they ever have a question about [her],’ Samuel told New Idea following her passing

‘I try to bring a bit of Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl into my relationship with them,’ he told New Idea. ‘They honestly believe I can fly, and are convinced as long as they keep eating their fruit and vegetables, then coins will keep appearing from their hearts.’

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