CONFIRMED: Samantha Armytage’s wedding on hold

'So no plans yet but we will get there'
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Samantha Armytage was due to marry her partner Richard Lavender this year, but she has revealed that her wedding plans have been delayed.

WATCH BELOW: Samantha Armytage shows off her engagement ring

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the 44-year-old bride-to-be revealed that she and her businessman fiancé, 60, plan on hosting a big party which is not possible under the current coronavirus restrictions.

“Because we want to have a party with more than 20 people, we have sort of put it on hold,” Samantha told the publication of her nuptials.

“We will get married but put the planning on hold because there is no point until we can actually make a proper plan in booking anything so no plans yet but we will get there.”

“We will get married but put the planning on hold because there is no point until we can actually make a proper plan in booking anything,” Sam said. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam and Richard were introduced to one another by a mutual friend around Easter time in 2019 in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands.

The location holds a special place in the couples’ hearts as it was also the spot where Richard popped the question. 

Sunrise host Sam announced their engagement news in June via her Instagram account captioning two photos of herself and Richard, “What a year…”

She later shared details of the “low-key” proposal that took place on her Southern Highlands property.

“We just had a little bonfire on the weekend in the paddock, it was all very low-key. Like Rich and I, very low-key,” Sam said.

“We’d been picking weeds in the paddock and he said, ‘Darling, do you want to marry me?’

“It was very sweet, very romantic. He’s just a very charming, lovely fellow.”

The Sunrise host shared her engagement news in June. (Credit: Instagram)

2020 has been a tough year for the TV journalist who revealed that both her parents were hospitalised in August.

While her mother Libby, who has been “gravely ill for a while”, was already in hospital, Sam’s father, Mac, collapsed due to a stroke while on his way to visit her. 

“To anyone out there with loved ones in the hospital right now or anyone out there near your parents right now, give them a hug for me. Now, can 2020 just p**s off already,” she penned at the time.

However, Sam sweetly revealed that her father had been released from hospital in September.

Sam with her beloved dad, Mac, before his hospitalisation. (Credit: Instagram)

Through her marriage to Richard, Sam will also gain two stepdaughters – her partner has two adult daughters, Sasha and Grace, from his previous marriage. 

The Sunrise star previously spoke to the Daily Telegraph about how a family of her own may not be on the cards.  

“Well, yes (I want kids), I’ve never made any secret of it but I don’t know whether that is my path,” she told the publication in 2017.

“It would be nice but if it doesn’t happen then c’est la vie and if it does, it would be lovely.”

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