Samantha Armytage shares melancholic tribute to her mother

Her mum is still there in her thoughts.
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After her shock exit from Sunrise, it seems Sam Armytage has taken some time to reflect on the important things in life, as she posted a tribute to her mother, who is always in her thoughts.

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The 44-year-old former TV presenter laid her mother, Libby Armytage, to rest last year in November after she tragically passed away ten days before her 69th birthday.

It is clear the two were very close, as Sam said in her poignant eulogy, that her mother’s death had left a “huge, irreparable” hole in her heart.

Death is often a burden of the living, and Sam shared on her Instagram the solace she found recently in her garden.

Sam posted an emotional tribute. (Credit: Instagram)

In her Instagram story, she is holding a single pink rose with her hand in a gardening glove, as her gorgeous green garden decorates the background.

She wrote on the image the heartfelt note, “Remembering my mumma.

“And wishing she was here in her favourite place.”

Last week, Sam made the shocking decision to resign from Sunrise after eight years co-hosting the breakfast show.

Sam’s Sunrise farewell picture. (Credit: Instagram)

In a statement that she read out live on air she said, “The time has come for the sun to set on my time at Sunrise.

“I’ve always been very brave and fearless in my life and my career and this decision is no different,” she said.

“As many of you know the last six months of my personal life have been very bittersweet – some bits have been very happy and some bits have been very very sad and I want to step out of this public world for a while and take some time and calm things down. Enjoy a bit of slow living and spend some time with my precious family and my husband and Banjo.”

Although she will no longer be waking up Sunrise viewers every morning, Sam still wants to be a part of the Australian media.

She has a few projects in development with Channel Seven and her new podcast, Something To Talk About With Samantha Armytage, in partnership with Stellar Magazine, including a columnist gig.

Sam with her husband on their wedding day. (Credit: Instagram)

As Sam’s professional career enters its next chapter, her personal life also went to the next level when she married her fiancé Richard Lavender over New Years Eve.

The two dished on Sunrise an inside look into their private wedding. 

Richard told Sam’s former co-host David “Kochie” Koch, “It was a very private day, it was beautiful.” 

It’s sweet to know that Sam is finding peace without her mother by finding time to remember her in the simplest of moments.

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