Snezana and Sam Wood’s daughters share an adorable bonding moment

Baby Harper is in good hands!
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Days after bringing their newborn daughter Harper home from the hospital three weeks after her birth, Sam and Snezana Wood are endlessly proud watching their daughters bond for the first time.

WATCH BELOW: Sam Wood gushes over Snezana and his newborn daughter

The former Bachelor couple shared their bliss on Instagram with a slew of pictures featuring the girls in awe of Harper.

Snezana posted a slew of family photos of her eldest daughter Eve feeding their littlest one with the bottle while Willow and Charlie adoringly watch over her shoulder.

The mother of four captioned the moment, “The Four Sisters…”

Snez’s fans filled her comment section with loving messages.

Sam Snezana Wood daughters
The girls finally got to meet Harper over the weekend. (Credit: Instagram)

One wrote, “That’s so beautiful. Seeing my kids together interacting almost made me consider a third. Almost,” and another commented, “A bundle of joy right there in one photo.”

“Absolutely Gorgeous, an so precious. so much love in these photos. So beautiful to see,” wrote a follower.

On Sam’s Instagram, he posted a picture of his step-daughter Eve cuddling with Harper in bed.

He captioned the tender moment, “Big sister” with a purple heart.

After giving birth to Harper earlier this month, the family were thrilled on Saturday when they could take her home from the NICU.

They shared the highly anticipated news on Instagram by sharing a picture of the bub in Snez’s arms with Sam smiling behind her at the hospital.

Sam Snezana Wood daughters
“The Four Sisters…” (Credit: Instagram)

“Hometime Harper. 24 days and it’s finally time to come home,” wrote Sam.

During her hospital stay, Snez had expressed she was sad her daughters hadn’t been able to meet their baby sister.

“I know she’ll be home soon enough, and her three big sisters will finally be able to meet her but till then it’s back and forth to the hospital a number of times a day whilst trying to keep it together,” she shared.

Sam announced Harper’s birth on Mother’s day, telling fans that Snezana became “really sick” during labour.

Sam Snezana Wood daughters
Eve on big sister duties. (Credit: Instagram)

“Before we knew it Harper was off to the special care unit, and Mum was into ICU,” he explained at the time.

He continued on to gush over Snez’s strength when Harper was taken away for treatment, saying: “Of course in true Snez Mum fashion her only thoughts were for her little baby, and it was breaking her heart that she couldn’t hold her.”

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