Sam Mac and fiancée Rebecca prepare to welcome second child

“He’s in dad mode all the time.”
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The forecast for Sam McMillan’s year ahead is in – and it’s showing twice the dirty nappies to change and hungry mouths to feed!

The Sunrise weatherman and his fiancée, Rebecca James, shared the exciting news that they’re expecting their second child in the winter, with the little one a future sibling for 17-month-old Margot.

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“‘Baby Mac’ (the sequel) premiering this August 2024,” Sam wrote on Instagram, along with an adorable photo of little Margot touching her mum’s growing bump, and a sonogram. “Starring Margot as the big sister.”

Sam, 42, has shared his joy at parenthood, admitting he “always knew I wanted to be a dad” but that he hadn’t met the right woman to start a family with until Bec.

Sam Mac and Rebecca James are expecting their second child. (Credit: Instagram)

“Margot changed everything,” the presenter said.

“The first thing that stood out to me was that this is forever, which is an amazing feeling.

“But also, work drops down in your priorities. You still love your job but your child is so much more important.”

Sam told New Idea it was the unexpected moments that have stood out so far with his little girl.

“You still love your job but your child is so much more important,” Sam said. (Credit: Instagram)

“Like the first time I saw Margot genuinely smile … or the first time she was on a swing and to see life through her eyes,” he says with a smile.

“These mini milestones have been the great joy for me because they happen almost every week and they catch you off guard.”

It’s shaping up to be a massive year for Sam and Bec, who started dating in 2020.

Sam proposed to Rebecca on New Year’s. (Credit: Instagram)

Over New Year’s, he proposed to his “darling Rebecca” in front of her parents and brother, so they now have a wedding to plan and a nursery to get ready!

When it comes to Sam being a father of two, Bec has no doubts he will shine.

“Sam’s just morphed into the most amazing dad,” she told New Idea recently. “He’s in dad mode all the time.”

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