Sam Frost’s advice to new Bachelorette Georgia Love

Sam's warning to Georgia.

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has warned new recruit Georgia Love to watch out for people trying to manipulate her.

Speaking to 2DayFM co-host Rove McManus today about the show, Frost said, ‘You’re manipulated.’

‘So many people have these opinions and the only thing you can do is trust your intuition and look after yourself,’ she said.

Frost added that Love should look out for herself, because ‘no one else does.’

‘Look after your mental well-being because no one else does, and no one else has your best interest except you.

‘There are lots of people in your ear, literally in your ear, only for the rose ceremonies. But apart from that, you’ve got so many people saying ‘do this and do this’,’ she said.

(Credit: Instagram/@georgiealove)

New Idea exclusively revealed yesterday that Love was the new Bachelorette.

In a statement to the The Sydney Morning Herald, the TV star said, ‘I’m now at a point where I’m happy with where I am at in my career and I’m ready to prioritise love.’

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