Sam Armytage calls in priest to exorcise ‘dangerous house’

The star's home kept 'hurting' her
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Good-natured Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has lightheartedly revealed she once performed an exorcism on her home.

Writing in her column for Stellar Magazine, the star said her old home’s structure was so unreliable she would often injure herself when the shower suddenly turned scalding or have her fingers jammed when the windows slammed shut.

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“The bloody house kept hurting me,” said Sam.

Poking fun at her younger self, the 43-year-old said she eventually ‘called in the local priest for a little real-estate “exorcism” of sorts.’

‘And that lovely man came over,’ she remembered, ‘had a cup of tea and then splashed a bit of holy water around. Bless him. And the old girl calmed down.

‘The house was also better behaved.”

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The news comes after Sam confirmed she is dating former farmer Richard Lavender, 60, when they appeared as an item in the Sexiest People issue of WHO magazine.

Speaking to the publication, the TV presenter said one of the things she liked the most about her new beau was the fact that he had “no idea” who she was when they first met.

However, after several weeks of getting to know each other, Sam confessed that she finally encouraged Richard to watch Sunrise – just so he could find out what she did for a living.

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The couple met each other through a mutual friend, with Samantha telling WHO there was instant chemistry from the outset.

“We both enjoy horses, skiing, architecture, art… That’s really important to have a lot in common. And so far, so good,” Samantha said.

Richard added he was “instinctively attracted” to Samantha, even before they realised they shared a love for horses and country living.

He went on to say that the 43-year-old has a terrific sense of humour and is surprisingly natural given her being a TV personality.

“I think a lot of the people who are in showbusiness are a bit flouncy… I’ve seen a few celebrities in public – it’s not always attractive,” he said.

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